• Feng Shui in oriental painting: the tiger
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    Feng Shui in oriental painting: the tiger

    With respect to oriental art, one of the things that surprised me the most, was that for the asians the traditional artwork had a practical application in daily life, art transends its aesthetic value, and the expectations and motivations of its owners determines the choice of artwork by its effective symbolic meaning. On this occasion, we will look at the meaning of the tiger.

    The tiger theme gives paintings great strength, as it is considered a symbol of authority, power and honour. The paintings of tigers are believed to provide special energies, they are used as Feng Shui objects to improve the home environment, providing security and good luck; however due to its strong character, there are various aspects that should be borne in mind when choosing this type of painting to best take advantage of its benefits.

    These paintings are especially recommended for people born in autumn, and within this type of painting, we find two basic structures with different functions and meanings:

    The tiger climbing the mountain usually has the head high looking up at a bright moon between the branches of trees in this way creating a serene atmosphere that symbolises the home being at peace and free of problems. The best place to hang this painting is inside rooms on walls that don't have an entrance and that don't have an entrance facing it, thus taking advantage of its energy so as to achieve success in work and business, for which reason it is especially appropiate at the beginning of new projects or studies.

    The tiger descending the mountain usually has a more ferocious attitude, as though on the hunt, and is usually depicted on rocks and snow, portraying its strong character and impetus. These paintings are used to protect the home by expelling negative energies, and it is recommended to hang it in front of the main entrance to the house, thus preventing negativity from entering it. With respec to work and business, it helps improve performance and enrichment, making it ideal for helping to increase the fruits of already established projects.

    Tiger descending the mountain

    Tiger descending the mountain

    Dimensions: 121cm x 76cm x 3cm

    Technique: Chinese ink on Xuan paper


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