Oriental Art

Traditional oriental art depicts a visual and plastic world full of beauty and harmony. Its concerns and motivations are bound by rules, philosophies and beliefs of the oriental world. Dragon Art brings you a selection of this millennial art: ink paintings, embroidery and the utensils to elaborate your own artworks.

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  • Painting

    Dragon Art offers you a selection of oriental paintings, in which the techniques of oriental calligraphy are employed, prioritising the spontaneity of the stroke, with the aim of expressing the heart and reflecting the inner movement of life. The artworks offered by Dragon Art are authentic and original, made by oriental artists. The paintings are delivered perfectly packaged and protected, and are prepared with a special protective layer. They are also framed professionally using quality materials.

  • Embroidery

    Oriental embroidery has thousand-year-old history; talented artisans create marvellous and varied designs using multiple coloured threads. Dragon Art presents to you "Su embroidery" characterised by its beauty and fineness, its use of fourty different techniques and a thousand varieties of thread. The artworks that we offer you are professionaly framed using quality materials.

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