• New oriental brushes and how to take care of them
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    New oriental brushes and how to take care of them

    1. The new oriental brushes

    The oriental brushes that just came out of the workshops or factories have a layer of carrageenan in the heads to protect the hairs. Before using the brushes, it is recommended to immerse their heads in water for 10 to 20 minutes, until the hairs expand.

    Nevertheless, two things must be taken into account: firstly, the heads should never be moistened with hot water, since the heads can be damaged even they might be folded or separated from the bodies of the brushes; Secondly, the brush heads should not be immersed in water for too long. Furthermore, it is necessary to avoid wetting the bodies of brushes, especially those made of natural wood, because after a long time underwater, they can break or crack.

    After the good treatment given to the new brushes, we should dry them with Xuan paper, soft and smooth papers or fabrics. We should not use much force or dry them in the opposite sense of the hair. If there is a little water in the brushes, please don´t worry, since we can dry them on the brush hanger.

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    2. The first use of the brushes

    When we use the brushes for the first time after the process in which we remove the protective layer in the heads, we should let the heads absorb enough ink, and we can immerse them in ink for a few minutes so that the ink can get into the spaces between the head hairs. Thanks to this process, after using several times, we will notice that the brush hairs maintain a lot of flexibility.

    When we use the brushes, we should not force them too much and it is not advisable to use until head hairs´ roots to avoid losing their flexibility.

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    3. Care of oriental brushes

    After each use of the brushes, we must clean them with water immediately, because the ink carries substances like rubber and if we do not clean the remaining ink in the brushes´ heads, the hairs will stick together. Neither should we use soap or detergent to clean the brushes.

    The next step is to dry the brushes very gently and we must join the tips of the head hairs with the fingers gently and then hang the brushes on a brush hanger, so they will dry naturally.

    We should never put cases on wet brushes. Neither can we place the wet brushes in the cans nor boxes. Because the remaining water will reach the head hairs´ roots and in the end the hairs will deteriorate and fall.

    If we want to store the used brushes for a long time, it is advisable to remove the plastic cases. Then we wrap them with fabrics or newspaper, also putting chemicals such as naphthalene, and we store them in dry places.

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