Forms of Payment

The forms of payment are by credit (or debit) card, bank transfer or PayPal.

A. Bank transfer or Deposit

If you chooose to pay by bank transfer (o bank deposit) you will be provided with our bank account numbers to make the payment. You can make a transfer from your bank or building society or, if you prefer, make payment directly into our account with a bank deposit at one of the offices of our bank.

Payment of the order will not be considered to have been made until the total amount of the payment has been received in our bank account. You have 7 working days after making the order to carry out the transfer. Should the stipulated time expire without payment being made, will consider the order in question to be cancelled.

Please remember that payment should be made in EUROS and that any incurred banking commissions must be paid by you if you opt for this payment method.

The bank details of to make payment by bank transfer or deposit:


Bank name: CaixaBank

Account number (IBAN): ES12 2100 6272 4113 0031 2065

Concept: Your name and surnames and order reference

For international orders:

IBAN ES12 2100 6272 4113 0031 2065

To process the dispatch with maximum efficiency and to check the information provided by our bank more quickly we request that you send us a copy of the transfer receipt by email:

B. Credit (debit) card or PayPal

Payment can be made via the secure payment method PayPal. PayPal allows businesses or consumers who have email to send and receive payments over the internet securely, easily, and cheaply.

Our PayPal account is:

Paypal allows you to make payments through the credit or debit card without having to be registered in their system.